Diatone ET160 – 4″ FPV under 250g!

“ET160” by unitedhvy

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Name: TAZ 4.0 | Diatone ET160
Status: Ready
Config: 4045BN | 2s 1000mah | 180g | 7m OR 4045 | 3s 850mah | 200g | 9m
Parts: 1306 3200kv | 4in1 12a 2-4s | Naze32 rev5 | Dsm2 Sat | XT30
Battery: 1000mah 2s 25c | 850mah 3s 25c
Rating: 9/10
Notes: 2mm bolts on motors are easy to lose. Tighten em’ up. Still need to install FPV gear.

et160 kit from diatone

The ET160 is probably the lightest and smallest quad that will fit 4″ propellers – 37g is pretty mindblowing, even lighter than the Armattan Morphite X 155mm. Being a lightweight monster, the ET160 quickly became my favorite 4″ frame, with the Tweaker following in close second (the Tweaker and heavier frames are better with 1806 motors). The ET160’s light weight can be attributed to Diatone’s decision to mill down a significant portion of the chassis, and unless you crash like mad or build heavy, the strategically cut down center isn’t an issue. Make sure to fly light – a bulky camera like the GoPro just detracts from the floaty flight experience.

Shopping list (Banggood and RTFQuads):
Frame: Diatone ET160 (or other 160-180mm 4″ frame)
4x 1306 motors: RCX 3200kv or DYS 3100kv or SunnySky 3100kv
Props: 4045 on BG and RTFQ (both 4045 standard and BN work great)
ESC: 4in1 12a 2-4s or 4x 10a 2-3s (get a PDB if you aren’t using the 4in1 ESC)
FC: Naze32 or Flip32
RX: DSM2 Sat or FRSky D4Rii
Misc: Battery Strap, Zipties, and XT30 plug
Both Banggood and RTFquads take a while to ship, so make sure you order a week or two in advance! Remember to pick up some 2 & 3s lipos around 1000mah.

My ET160 was designed to be cheap, simple, and easy to put together. The propulsion system is flexible, accepting 4045 standard and BN propellers and 2-3s batteries. Low weight = fewer amps = cheaper batteries & longer flight time. Flights average from 4-8 mins depending on intensity.

Dry weight of the quad (no fpv gear yet) is right around 130g.
4x 1306 motors & 4x 4″ props(60g)
ET 160 frame (38g)
4in1 ESC + XT30 pigtail(18g)
Naze32 + DSM2 Sat (10g)
The 2s battery adds about 50g, while the 3s is around 75g.

The 2s battery is great on 4045 props for cruising and 4045BN for racing and acro. I haven’t tried out 3s yet (our sponsor VCANZ is kindly sending some over) but I’m sure it’ll be a little crazy for every day flys. Small batteries are super cheap, charge fast, and don’t take up too much space – the ET160 and all its gear can live comfortably in a small transmitter case.

rocking a mobius for instagram

My only gripes:
The quad is so small its hard to find a battery strap that fits right.
The quad is designed for an undermounted battery, its difficult to get a battery plug to the top deck without getting in the way of the props (unless for some reason you use JST)
There is no provision for mounting an SMA through the top plate.
The back arms skew the motors & wires off to the side a bit.

I’m having a ton of fun practicing acro on the ET160 – the deadcat style is easy to orient (even with all black props) and the AUW of ~190g is light enough to brush off crashes with ease (the same cannot be said for 250 quads), finally giving me confidence to push myself on a high performing, but inexpensive quad. I’m sure any half-competent builder can install FPV without passing the 250g mark – so build yourself a little ET160 and have some fun! Join the fun on the RCGroups ET160 thread.

If you want to build another quad but aren’t sure where to start, check out my article, Picking the Perfect Parts, Power, and Propulsion for your Mini Quad where I delve a little more into efficiency and weight.

f you found this guide helpful, please consider donating a few bucks through paypal – paypal.me/mvphysengclub.  All proceeds go to purchasing new gear for our school’s RC club. We are supported by TMotor, TDrones, Scorpion, and VCANZ, so shout out to them for their support and continued innovation in the hobby.


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