Commissioned HobbyKing Beginner Frame

“To get started in multirotor you need…”

Build log – commissioned Talon build.

5/12 10:30 – Customer would like a quad for his friend. References a Turnigy beginner quad.

5/12 12:29 – Approximated the costs to be at most $250 for parts/shipping + $50 fees. Total less than $300.

5/12 12:34 – Just received the OK to start sourcing components

5/12 12:45 – Tallying up relevant parts at the shop:

Goal: Beginner quad that is easy to learn on ( but can be repurposed for aerial video or FPV later on?)


Misc Hardware/Wires + Servo Cables
TMotor Air Gear Motor/ESC set (preferred?, but small propellers for a 450?)
3x Afro 20a ESC (new)
4x DYS 2217 800kv motors (new)
6ch Spektrum compatible LemonRX
Spektrum DX6 Black (for testing/setup only, customer has a DX6i he intends to use)
Lots of 3s batteries.
KK 2.0 board.

Turnigy Talon Frame (v1 or v2?)
Power Distribution Board
Flight Control Board ( maybe purchase on RCGroups?)
One Afro 20a ESC?
LEDs for orientation (purchase waterproof version, non addressable. Colors? Red/Green?)

Hoping to order from HobbyKing west this evening. Need to check if all parts are in stock.

5/12 12:57 – contacting customer to check frame preference, TMotors vs DYS, Afro vs TMotor, and LED colors

5/12 1:11 – to order:

HobbyKing – Talon V1 (in stock) OR turnigy HAL frame (in stock), Afro 20a ESC (in stock), red/blue LEDs( check stock) 12″ props (check stock)

Naze32/other control board – need to find supplier, possible MRM, MRSS, RCGroups.

In the workshop – 3x Afro 20a ESCs, 4x DYS 2217 motors ( switched for longer cabling vs tmotor ), lemonrx, hardware/wires

5/12 7:37 – purchased a naze32 Acro for $28 on rcgroups

5/12 8:23 – picture of the parts on hand in the workshop 
5/13 5:28 – placed hobbyking order, total to $68.83. Paid with bonus points plus PayPal. 

6/2 – Ages after placing the order, Hobbyking has finally marked as shipped. Shipping is USPS priority so it should be here in a day or two!

6/4 13:40 – USPS priority mail delivers, box is nearly bursting at the seams, and incredibly light.
6/4 14:30 – Box opened up, waay to much packaging, but it looks like everything made it. +1 for Hobbyking!

6/4 14:33 – Ready to rumble! Finally got everything in one plane. Still need to add jst cables, zip ties, wire sheathing, prop nuts, motor hardware, receiver cables, batteries and props though…

6/6 – Laying out the parts
Taz 3.0

Motor mount issues – the blocks are too big for the motor. The motors mounting points are not wide enough, so only one side can be secured by screws. Otherside held in place with zipties
Taz 3.0 - Sketchy motor mounts?

Taz 3.0 - Sketchy motor mounts?

6/6 – Progress on the frame. Not as clean as I’d like, but it looks sleek
Taz 3.0

Two short build timelapses – and

6/20 – The talon v1 frame wasn’t very accomodating of the motors we had on hand, so the Talon V2 has been ordered from the US HK warehouse.

6/21 2:16 – Order marked as shipped from HK!

6/26 – Talon v2 Frame Arrives

6/27 – Lots of great progress today! Complete transfer over to the new frame, no problems at all. Looking forward to installing the flight controller/rx and doing some tuning tomorrow!

20150627_115633_resized 20150627_115641_resized 20150627_122415_resized


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