Warpquad style mini quad – 300mm

I had some spare arms lying around and figured I might toss together a little quad. I was hoping to put together a compact test platform for FPV/autonomous flight, something a little easier to cart around and work on than a FPV style frame.

DJI Naza
Ar600 Rx
RCX 1806 2400kv motors
RCTimer 5g 20a 2-4s escs
6020 CF props from MyRCMart
Frame – HK thorax arms + RotorBits center plates

WarpQuad Style Mini

First off – the HK RotorBits might be a great modular system, but its absolutely pathetic in terms of mounting options. The 10mm standard won’t fit mini 30.5mm CC3d style controllers or 45mm KK boards. I ended up trying to stick on the Naza with double sided tape, and leashed down all the control electronics with a battery strap since I’d run out of zipties.

WarpQuad Style Mini

While the quad is looks pretty complete, the Naza FC was not what I was hoping for. You’d be better off with a CC3d or Naze controller. The Naza rocks as a smooth and stable controller for larger AP platforms, but its nearly impossible to tune right for a little quad like this one. Not only is the flight quite jumpy, but the quad responds very sluggishly to any input (even after I’ve programmed DR and Expo)

WarpQuad Style Mini

It looks like this one will be going on the shelf until I get some time to rip out the Naza and install a Taulabs CC3d (or that Sparky that has been sitting around for a while)

Overall, the RCX 1806 motors performed fantastic, as usual, the MRCM props were nice, and the RCTimer 20a ESCs showed no signs of problems. I’ll definitely be revisiting this guy.


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